Every child and youth deserves to be raised in a family, community, province and country where he or she is safe from abuse.  But the truth is that abuse happens.  And Koala Place Child and Youth Advocacy Centre is doing something about it.

Early assistance and action is critical to the long-term outcome of children and youth impacted by abuse.  Many children who experience abuse and domestic violence will develop significant difficulties, which can have serious and long lasting impacts, such as the risk of adult physical and psychological problems, impaired functioning, criminal behaviour, etc.

Forensic interviews for all children/youth victims of abuse are now being done away from police stations and in a warm, non-intimidating environment.  Supports are made available to families who are attending the Centre to meet their needs following a multi-disciplinary approach.  Community partners work together in multi-disciplinary teams to create a safe environment for children and youth to disclose their stories, be supported and ensure referrals to community agencies.

Koala Place serves the City of Cornwall, the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry, and Akwesasne.  Koala Place serves children and youth under the age of 19 who are alleged victims or witnesses of sexual abuse, physical abuse, maltreatment, violence, etc. 


Considering our like-minded visions, Koala Place and Victim Services partnered to further improve services to children, youth and families. 

Victim Services provides individualized services through crisis response, advocacy and community awareness.  Their intervention ensures the victim is safe, emotionally stabilized and connected to the appropriate support services.  Referrals to community agencies that offer on-going support are also provided.  The immediacy of Victim Services allows to aid in mitigating the harmful effects of trauma on the victim and their loved ones.                                                

While the child/youth is being interview at Koala Place, Victim Services will provide the family with an orientation to Koala Place, explain their services, provide emotional support and reassurance and inquire about follow-up contact.  If the family agrees, Victim Services will have the family sign a consent form. 

The services offered by Victim Services are confidential and free of charge. 



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Protect a Child. Report Child Abuse.

-The Children's Aid Society of S.D. & G.: 613-933-2292
-Akwesasne Child & Family Services: 613-575-2341

If you suspect a child is in immediate danger, call 911.

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