Koala Place actively participated in a multi-site research project with the Policy Centre for Victims Issues – Justice Canada, to conduct research on the service needs relevant to children and youth who are victims of crime and their families.  The goal of this research is to help understand how Child and Youth Advocacy Centres in Canada are working, to measure client satisfaction with services received, and to find out if these Centres are reducing hardships for child/youth victims of crime and their families.  The results of this study will help other existing and developing Centres understand how to better assist children, youth and families.  The study involved the collection of non-identifying statistical data, as well as completing and returning a client satisfaction questionnaire.  Data collection ended in October 2016 with the anticipated completion of the report in spring 2017. 

We are currently taking part in a qualitative research project with a master's thesis student from Carleton University.  The exploratory study seeks to conduct qualitative research with Koala Place, to understand how Child and Youth Advocacy Centres respond to the needs of traumatized child victims and their non-offending family members.  This project will engage in a case study to understand the everyday lives of employees, partners and volunteers at Koala Place, our role in the community, and what impact it is having on the child victims and their families, as well as the criminal justice system.


Koala Place is also interested in complementary objectives, such as prevention activities.  

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